Submitted by Dianne White

Dianne White, a Northern Virginia antique dealer specializing in primitives, folk art, old paint, and baskets in particular, submitted this photo for this issues Lucky Buck’s Pick. She also has a love for Schoenhut circus toys and Skookums!

“I remember my parents taking us on trips out West when we were little and I remember getting a souvenir Indian doll that I absolutely loved. I was probably six or seven years old and I think I’ve loved Indian dolls since! I was set up at a show recently that included two huge buildings of dealers. My friends know that I love Skookums and one told me that a lady in the other building had some. I didn’t even go look until the second day of the show when it was quiet. I was amazed when I saw the Applehead because there had been thousands of customers and dealers who must have seen her before me and passed her over.”

What a great find! This Applehead is an early and hard to come by Skookum. Not only for it’s early make but especially for its original composition boots. More often Appleheads are found with no feet, just a rectangular wooden block. Later styles in the 20s and 30s are constructed in the same manner as their composition counterparts.

Dianne was delighted with her newly found treasure, “Skookums aren’t really appreciated in this area and I guess that proves it!”